• February 13, 2023

Yiwu Market Guide: More Details About China Public Holidays 2023

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Open & Close Schedule of Yiwu Market In the Whole Year
Yiwu Market Opens After Chinese New Year Holiday

Seems like in a blink, 2022 is coming to an end and 2023 is around the corner. This year, we all have been facing so many challenges. Still, we are very grateful to know you and have your support. Though this year is quite a tough year, we still hope you have harvested something, love and friendship, health and wealth.

Anyway, we are so happy to celebrate and reward ourselves with a wonderful vacation. May 2022 takes away all the virus, and The Year of The Rabbit 2023 brings us good luck and better times. We hope you enjoy a very happy holiday and look forward to the day we could meet again.

Source: envato
Source: envato

China Public Holidays 2023

Dec. 31st – Jan. 2ndSat. to Mon.New Year Holiday
Jan. 21st – Jan. 27thSat. to Fri.Spring Festival
Apr. 5thWed.Tomb-Sweeping Day
Apr.29th – May 3rdSat. to Wed.Labor Day
Jun. 22nd – Jun. 24thThu. to Sat.Dragon Boat Day
Sept. 29th – Sept. 30thFri. to Sat.Mid-Autumn Day
Oct. 1st – Oct. 6thSun. to Fri.National Day

Chinese Calendar of 2023

Chinese Calendar of 2023
Chinese Calendar of 2023

Yiwu Market Open & Close Time (Except China Public Holidays):

Yiwu Market Different Districts Open & Close Time
Yiwu Market Different Districts Open & Close Time

Different districts and section also varies:

  • District 1 (flowers&plants, toys, jewelry, home decor.): 9am – 5:30pm (6pm in summer).
  • District 1- East (jewelry parts, jewelry, hair pieces): 9am – 6pm.
  • District 2 (umbrella, bags, luggage, hardware & tools, electrical & electronics, watches & clocks, bikes & scooters ): 9am – 5:30pm (6pm in summer).
  • District 3(office & stationary, paper products, cosmetics & beauty, zippers, buttons, garment accessories, sunglasses, sports ): 9:00am – 5pm (5:30pm in summer).
  • District 4 (household products, textile products),  9am – 5:30pm (6pm in summer).
  • District 5 (bedding, fabrics, hotel supplies & ceramics & glassware, pet products, dollar items, auto & motorcycle accessories & parts): 9am – 5:30pm .

For weekends, above timing can be delayed by 30 minutes.

The Holiday of Wholesale Market

Yiwu Market is opened during the whole year around except the Chinese Spring Festival. Unlike the official Spring Festival vacation, Yiwu market arranges an earlier and longer vacation period. Another difference is that, Yiwu market’s vacation is determined on the traditional lunar calendar basis. In terms of 2022 Spring Break, here is the arrangement.

And the all Chinese wholesale market have a similar timetable, so we list the timetable of Yiwu market below for your reference.

Vacation Time of Yiwu Market in 2023

  1. Yiwu International Trade City (District 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Yiwu International Production Materials Market and Binwang 158 Cultural and Creative Park (infield) are closed in the afternoon of Jan. 17th (Lunar Date Dec. 26th).
  2. Imported Commodities Mall on the first floor of District 5 of the International Trade Mart and Huangyuan Clothes Market are closed in the afternoon of Jan. 19th (Lunar Date: Dec. 28th).
  3. ICMAll GlOBAL COLLECTION STORE is closed in the afternoon of Jan.21st(Lunar Date: Dec. 30th)

Resume Time of Yiwu Market

  1. ICMAll GlOBAL COLLECTION STORE is open at 10:00 a.m. on Jan.24th(Lunar Date: Jan.3rd)
  2. Yiwu International Trade City (District 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and the Imported Commodities Mall), Yiwu International Production Materials Market, Huangyuan Clothes Market and Binwang 158 Cultural and Creative Park (infield) are open on Feb. 2nd (Lunar Date: Jan. 12th).

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