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China Yiwu International Ttrade City is located in Yiwu China, Zhejiang province, is a modern continuation of Yiwu small commodity market, now has a business area of more than 8,000,000 square meters, 75,000 booths,  is one of World’s largest small commodities export base of international small commodity circulation, information, exhibition center, in 2005 referred to as “the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market” by the UN, the world bank and Morgan Stanley authority.

Yiwu international Trade Mart

Yiwu market District 1, alternatively called Yiwu Market, consists of two adjacent blocks: the original District 1 and the newly-expanded East Mart. The former has been running since year 2002 and the later is newly put into use in early 2016. Jewelry, accessories, jewelry beadings, artificial flowers, crafts and toys are mainly concentrated in this market. Since from 2002, the International Trade Market District 1 has always been the busiest block all the time. More than that, District 1 has bearing a profound meaning itself.

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The Yiwu market District 2 is adjacently connected to the District 1. Just as its name implies, it’s the second oldest market building in Yiwu. It’s first put into use in 2004, and so far, it has accommodated more than 8,000 storefronts. It is most featured with the Centralized Purchasing Center, which’s set up for large sourcing groups, such as Wal-Mart, China Mobile, and China Telecom. As for product category, it mainly is involved with luggage, hardware tools, watches, lights, etc.

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Yiwu market District 3 stands opposite to the Yiwu market District 2 but still are united together with the interconnecting walkway. It’s opened in 2005 and up to now, supplier numbers have exceeded 8,000 or so. Affording items are focusing on the office and school supplies, cosmetics and clothing accessories etc. Besides that, in order to provide buyers a better sourcing experience, effecting distribution and facilitating service are readily available nearby.

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Yiwu market District 4 is a huge market standing next to the Yiwu market District 3. It’s recognized as the largest district so far among 5 market blocks both on the size and booth numbers. It covers as large as about 1,080,000 square meters and more than 20,000 suppliers are doing wholesale business there. Numerous aisles and streets are bustling with buyers and visitors from all over the world. International and domestic buyers are warmly welcomed here.

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Yiwu market District 5 is the last one of the whole Yiwu Market Complex. In addition to all same features as other fours, a major new one applies as well. That’s the Imported Commodities Hall. Once you are entering into the market, the ultimately exotic landscape is coming into your eyes. Yes. Don’t doubt yourself. That’s the District 5. In order to balance the export and export, Yiwu government chose the 1st floor as the Imported Commodities Market.

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