Zhu Xingliang: Behind the craftsmanship is the elegance


Meet Zhu Xingliang again. Immersed in the theoretical exploration of the “socialist market economy”, he is now busy organizing the research project materials of “the key research and development project of Zhejiang Province in 2019” and preparing three projects to fight for the “2018 China entrepreneurship and innovation competition”.


Early in May, on the eve of the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth, Zhu Xingliang, who was the general manager of Yiwu’s B&W Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., was invited to give a speech together with Ding Xiaoqian, the professor of Tongji University and the former president of the Marx school. The theme of his speech was “Marx’s light always leads us to the bright future of socialism”.


As a native entrepreneur of Yiwu, giving a speech with the famous Marx theory research experts is striking. “This experience has also fulfilled my wish of many years.” In his spare time, Zhu Xingliang has been engaged in the study of Marx theory for many years, and this speech is the crystallization of his learning.


From a pure entrepreneur to a theoretical researcher, what we see on Zhu Xingliang sees is a kind of persistence for craftsmanship.


Insist on iterative Innovation of products —-Single Stage Jaw Crusher, a “rough machine” doing the “fine work”


In mid June 2017, an investigation group of 10 people in Xingtai City, Hebei Province, led by the local municipal Party committee, came to Yiwu. They were here to conduct an inspection and study of an enterprise in Yiwu—-Yiwu B&W Mining Machine Co. Ltd., which is located in Yiwu industrial and commercial area of Shangxi Town.


Why can an unknown Yiwu enterprise attract such an investigation team from thousands of miles away?


What drove them here is the technological innovation product of the company, called the Single Stage Jaw Crusher. 31 national authorized patents have been obtained and the two stage breakage can be achieved by single machine, with its remarkable effect of increasing production, saving energy and reducing consumption. As soon as it comes to the world, it vibrates the industry. “No.1 in China and leading in the world”, Professor Yu Yongfu of the Chinese Academy of Science, who led the research and developing the project, has such comments on this “Single Stage Jaw Crusher”, which is also the result of the identification of national scientific and technological achievements by the expert group of the China High Technology Industrialization Research Association.


More than this, as is known, two self innovated products of the company—-Single Stage Jaw Crusher and Feed, Screen and Crush Integrated Machine, are included in the first (set) list of the key areas of the equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang. Among them, the Single Stage Jaw Crusher was also enlisted in the Zhejiang energy saving technology (products) promotion directory.


“Now, the enterprise has realized the development from energy saving to integrated machine with multi-functions. And the next step, we must continue to move towards environmental friendly, and finally achieve the target of reliable performance of all models.” Zhu Xingliang said.


Insist on the construction of talent team—-“double engine drive” of academician expert workstation


In August 2015, the city’s first academician expert workstation set up in the B&W mining machine company. Academician of CAS, Zhu Weiqiu was appointed as the chief of station. Now, the construction experience of the expert workstation has become a “typical in Yiwu”. Every time an enterprise or even the government investigation group will come here to investigate. The inspectors give full praise to “double engine drive” of the enterprise R & D team of B&W Mining Machine Co. Ltd. and the academician expert workstation.


Since its establishment, academician expert workstation has got fruitful achievements. Not only have the experts of the academician of the station developed the two “star models” of Single Stage Jaw Crusher and Feed, Screen and Crush Integrated Machine. At present, we have also carried out a thorough research and development of individuation of the single stage jaw crusher, the mechanical structure analysis of single stage jaw crusher and the summary of jaw crusher, which have made breakthrough scientific research achievements.


It is worth mentioning that, leading by academician team of Zhu Weiqiu, the joint research and development of environmental friendly single stage jaw crusher has also achieved stage results, since 2015.


Zhu Xingliang said that in the field of technology, academicians are the “spire” of “Pyramid”. In collaboration with academicians, the company’s products have made a qualitative leap.


Insist on technology patent sharing—enterprising spirit of being a leader


The connotation of enterprise charm includes everything. And vigor is the most critical one. Zhu Xingliang is never short of it.


In recent years, B&W Mining Machine Co. Ltd. has declared 209 patents, and has been authorized 119 items, including 55 international and national patents (including 7 authorized international invention patents), 44 authorized utility model patents and 20 authorized appearance design patents.


“Own patents and enjoy it alone. It’s a waste of technology.” Technology sharing is the idea he put forward over the past two years. In every industry conference, he will put forward this idea and get a lot of resonance in the industry.


It is another dream of Zhu Xingliang to establish an “industry alliance”, making scientific and technological achievements benefit the industry and society.


“Yiwu is in its way to become the world capital of small commodities, while not limited to traditional commodity categories. Industry builds the market and empowers the nation. I hope that the development of enterprises will promote the development of heavy industry in Yiwu, increase the power of Yiwu and enhance the “Belt and Road Initiative”. This is Zhu Xingliang’s long-cherished wish.

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