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Sports Complex

Yiwu's sports infrastructure is complete, in your spare time, you can go to play the badminton, table tennis, basketball, billiards, bowling and so on. The following are a brief of representative stadiums in Yiwu:

Yiwu MeiHu sports center

Yiwu MeiHu stadium

Yiwu MeiHu stadium is a key project of Zhejiang province, the Yiwu government invested 220 million yuan, was completed in October 2001. Stadium, a total construction area of 35000 square meters, stands the audience of 35260, main building for frame structure, a total of four layers, a layer of rest area and conference, office and other supporting housing for athletes, two, three layer mainly rest platform for the audience, fourth level occupancy for the box and all kinds of technology. Stadium with a international standard plastic football stadiums and a 400m ground and track field, can undertake comprehensive and international track and field sports games.

MeiHu Fitness Center

MeiHu fitness center has more than 3000 square meters, with mass fitness area, leisure area, VIP area, recreation area and so on. First floor mass fitness zone covers an area of more than 1000 square meters, set up specialized strength training area, aerobic training professional areas, operating room, etc., with a full-time coach guidance; Recreational area on the second floor for table tennis and snooker, American billiard sports entertainment programs. Third floor of VIP area upmarket gym, professional sports physical recovery center. On the fourth floor area is equipped with 10 different chess room.

Yiwu MeiHu Swimming Centre

Yiwu MeiHu Swimming Center adopt aluminum alloy dome roof form, architectural layer for a layer underground, 2 ground floors. Pool with diving pool, play pool, training pool, relax pool, leisure pool, springboard and special amplification, timing, scoring and other sports facilities, equipped with a shower and change clothes room for men and women, VIP shower room, control rooms, water treatment room, disinfection room. Set up swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water polo and other function areas, can satisfy the requirement of competition, and can meet the demand of mass fitness and leisure.


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