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Hotels in Yiwu, Yiwu Hotels

Stay in Yiwu, of course, the best the most convenient option is to stay in a hotel, but if you want to do business in Yiwu, live for a long time, it is better to rent an apartment. If you have need can leave a message to us.

After 30 years of development, Yiwu hotel industry is very developed, there are more than 800 large and small hotels, not only have different style of the star hotel, also economy hotels, meet the needs of different levels. The following is customers recommendation. Our hotel reservation system come out soon, stay tuned.

Five Star

Yiwu Jin Du Jun Lan Hotel (Yiwu Jin Du Hotel)

Open time: in 2003, last decoration time: at the end of 2007

Description: located in the west side of downtown city square, adjacent to small commodity market, government building, economic development zone. Netizens commented "traffic is very convenient, the room is good, price is not high, the service is good, location is also very good, breakfast is good".


Yiwu Happiness Lake International Conference Center

Covers an area of 213 mu, building area of 80000 square meters or so. In the Mall Road and Huancheng North Road interchange, the transportation is convenient, away from the international trade city more than 10 minutes by car, convenient to the airport, railway stations, Hangjinqu expressway, etc. Hotel decoration is luxurious and comfortable, beautiful. Every guests in the hotel can be out of the beautiful lakes and mountains, overlooking the garden scenery, take a breath of fresh air.

Yiwu Tianheng International Hotel

Open time: in 2006

Description: located in Beiyuan industrial zone, adjacent to Hangjinqu expressway, about 10 km to airport. Netizens commented "hardware rather than software, high cost performance.

Four Star

Yiwu Best Western Ocean Hotel

Open time: in 2005, Last decoration time: at the end of 2009

Description: Yiwu Best Western Ocean Hotel opened on September 30, 2005. Building area of 27000 square meters. It is an organic part of the famous international trade city, is one of the ideal hotels come to yiwu.

Yiwu Yin Du Hotel

Open time: in 1998, last decoration time: at the end of 2008

Description: located in yiwu commodity city business district, adjacent to the Bin Wang market, near the international trade city, international exhibition center. Netizens commented "friendly, complete hotel supplies, the swimming pool very clean"

Yiwu International Mansion

Open time: in 2008, last decoration time: at the end of 2008

Description: located in the Yiwu Bin Wang Road, adjacent to passenger transportation center the Bin Wang market. Netizens commented "the room is very clean, the service is warm, the hotel breakfast is very good"


Ramada Plaza Zhijiang Hotel in Yiwu

Open time: in 2006, last decoration time: at the end of 2006

Description: located in the downtown area, 5 minutes from bus station, 10 minutes from China commodity city. Net friend said "the price is reasonable, the hotel's decor is very new".

Jinhua Yiwu Hotel

Open time: in 1999, last decoration time: 2005

Description: located in the Bin Wang Road, adjacent to the Bin Wang market, 5 minutes from international trade city. Netizens commented "the price is reasonable, good attitude".

Yiwu Bali Plaza Hotel

Open time: in 2008, Last decoration time: 2009

Description: It is located in Xiu Hu Square Yiwu, adjacent to Yiwu government. Netizens commented "geographic position is good, the room is good, cost-effective, courteous service"

Yiwu Yi He Hotel

Open time: 2004

Description: located in Yiwu financial, commercial and cultural center, adjacent to the Bin Wang market. Net friend said “ the price is reasonable, coffee is good.”

Jinhua Yi Mei Plaza Hotel

Open time: in 2005, decoration time: at the end of 2007

Description: located in the bustling city center, adjacent to the embroidered HuGuangChang. Net friend said "nice view room, equipment is relatively new, the Internet speed is not slow".


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