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Foods and Drink

Because Yiwu is a city of migrants, each country, each nation, people of all colors are here, doing business, slowly bringing food from all over the world, like formal western food, Indian food, of course, there are South Korea, Japan, Italy, Russia, Muslim, Turkey and so on all kinds of restaurants, also"Safe Food" - McDonald 's.

Here, we just tell what Yiwu has, then do a simple recommendation, remove your worries of Yiwu eat and drink, recommend some nice restaurant cuisine here.

Middle East restaurant

There are many Middle eastern restaurants, mainly concentrated in the Bin Wang business district and the international trade city, you can enjoy the Arab, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and other places of halal food

Japanese and Korean food

There is a nice Japanese food restaurant called Ming Yue, the Korean cuisine is near to Bin Wang business district and the south union.

Foods in Yiwu

Fast food:










Actually a lot of Korean food is meat, but style is not the same, recommend two here, Brazil Barbecue and Crown Barbecue.

About wine and coffee:

Lots of coffee shop here, most of them are have western food, two starbucks here, most of the hotel's lobby bar will have coffee.

Wine in Yiwu is not limited, in some special restaurant, such as Muslim, you have to respect their customs. If you want to drink, you can go to all the Chinese restaurant and western restaurant, bar and so on. But drive car after drinking in China is in the crime.


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